Machine Learning Engineer – Data Infrastructure, Autopilot AI

Palo Alto, CA

You will be part of a team of developers and deep learning experts working to design, implement, maintain, and operate systems for dataset generation, data exploration, and other supporting applications necessary to advance the state of the art in perception for autonomous driving.


What You’ll Do

  • Design and implement large-scale data processing pipelines that handle petabytes of autonomous vehicle data including images, videos, depth arrays, and human labels.
  • Support the training of neural networks by performing tasks such as optimizing code & data formats for faster dataloading, orchestrating data auto-labeling jobs, etc.
  • Building tools to visualize and summarize the statistics of training data to support efforts to root-cause poor label quality and improve the training procedure of our neural networks.


What You’ll Bring

  • Strong experience with Python and software engineering best practices.
  • Experience in system-level software and resource utilization, parallelism and Python multiprocessing, and being able to debug problems across the stack.
  • Experience working with the underlying storage formats for various kinds of data (e.g. images, videos, depth arrays, human labels, etc).
  • Familiarity with python libraries such as numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn.
  • (bonus) Understanding of machine learning concepts and experience working with deep learning training frameworks, ideally PyTorch.

$116,000 - $360,000

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