Game Rendering Software Engineer

Remote (San Mateo, CA)

Every day, tens of millions of people come to Roblox to explore, create, play, learn, and connect with friends in 3D immersive digital experiences– all created by our global community of developers and creators.

At Roblox, we’re building the tools and platform that empower our community to bring any experience that they can imagine to life. Our vision is to reimagine the way people come together, from anywhere in the world, and on any device. We’re on a mission to connect a billion people with optimism and civility, and looking for amazing talent to help us get there.

A career at Roblox means you’ll be working to shape the future of human interaction, solving unique technical challenges at scale, and helping to create safer, more civil shared experiences for everyone.

Join some of the best Graphics Engineers in the world supporting the largest immersive 3D streaming environment deployed across console, desktop, mobile, and VR.

  • Scalability: Roblox provides a platform that guarantees to the creators that their games will always and automatically run on different devices, with cross-platform play and minimal load times.
  • Compatibility: Roblox games and assets made in the past, are still working today. Rendering has to have an eye to the past, and an eye to the future…
  • Community: Roblox games are made by creators of all experience levels, from professionals who earn their living on the platform to kids who are learning to program using Roblox!

As a Game Rendering Engineer, you will solve difficult challenges, while continuing to build a high-speed, completely dynamic environments connected on all devices.

Many established rendering techniques do not trivially apply to our platform - novel solutions are needed as we push Roblox towards higher targets of visual fidelity. Even the simpler visuals we support on low-power devices are enabled by some creative rendering ideas, often centered around caching, incremental computation and graceful degradation.

All of this is based on an in-house rendering engine built from the ground up, supporting DirectX 9/11, OpenGL, GNM, Metal, and Vulkan GAPI's. We have a powerful need for top-notch, low-level and high-level graphics work.

You Will

  • Help investigate and implement rendering techniques to make ROBLOX graphics more immersive and expressive
  • Learn about our community and work with technical artists to understand the present and future needs of our creators
  • Help improving the performance and stability of our game engine

You Have

  • Knowledge of C++ and shading languages
  • Knowledge of 3D math and computer graphics related algorithms
  • Knowledge of one or more GPU APIs (OpenGL, DirectX and similar)
  • The ability to reason about code performance and memory consumption
  • Work with other engineering and art teams
  • Take ownership of a project throughout its full lifecycle
  • 5+ years experience in real-time rendering
  • Interest in creating creative rendering techniques
  • Passionate about the state-of-the-art in rendering research
  • Mobile or console development experience

$267,720—$331,640 USD

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